Master of Yahtzee

In Yahtzee you try to get as many points as possible by rolling five dice to make on of the thirteen possible scoring combinations. In each round you can roll up to three times and you choose which dice to roll after the first roll.  The dice game Yahtzee was invented by Milton Bradley and was at first marketed as Yatzie. In England there is a similar game called Poker Dice. 
Combinations in Yahtzee are as follows:
Three of a kind, at least three dice showing the same face. Score is sum of all dice.
Four of a kind, at least four dice showing the same face, Score is sum of all dice.
Full House is when you get a three of a kind and one pair. Score is 25.
Small Straight is when you get four sequential dive and score is 30.
Large Straight is when you get five sequential dive and score is 40.
Yahtzee is if you get all five dice showing the same face and score is 50, the highest score you can get in the game.
Change is any combination and the score is the sum of all dice.


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